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Explore the World of Tiranga App for the best online color prediction platform and thrilling Tiranga game! Engage in exciting predictions and earn reward! Join now for an immersive experience!

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Payouts Fair and Quick

We promise that your prizes will be distributed fairly and promptly, making your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Benefit from our prompt and fair rewards.
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24 Hours Customer Service

We are here to make sure that your gaming experience is smooth and fun 24/7, seven days a week. Our kind and informed customer service representatives are available at all times.

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Bonus and Promotions

Our platform offers a plethora of alluring bonuses and ongoing promotions for every game session. These promotions range from welcome bonuses to loyalty rewards, all of which are intended to increase your enjoyment and value.

List of Accepted Payment

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Say Hello to Tiranga Game App !

Where every games is a Collective Earning
Join us and Play now!

Tiranga Game App offers a wide selection of third-party such as Aviator, Dragon Tiger, Lottery, and many more, in addition to a multitude of games ranging from traditional casino games to the newest Win Go. Come play and win with Tiranga Game Fast Login, Fast Withdrawal, Fast Deposit, and Fast Earning! Join us now!

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What Is Tiranga App Exactly ?

Introducing Tiranga App your thrilling online entertainment destination! Here’s the place for you if you enjoy gaming and taking chances. From traditional slots and poker to the incredibly awesome new blackjack and roulette, we have it all. And what do you know? In our games, you can even win real money! So why hold off? Come have a great time with us at Tiranga Game, where there is always a chance to win and have a blast!

Registration Guide Tiranga App

Check out the range of games on Tiranga App, an online platform that allows users to win real money in addition to entertainment. Below is a summary of the various enjoyable games available:

  1. To create your Tiranga Account, first open the Tiranga App Registration form.
  2. Enter the required data, including your mobile number and a strong password. Recall that the password needs to contain at least two numbers and eight characters. Don’t use symbols in your password, such as “!@#$##*”.Remember to click the privacy agreement down below.
  3. In order to log in successfully, click the register button.
  4. You’re now prepared to start playing size prediction games and online casinos, which will present chances for you to win money through WINGO games.
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After you have done register you can perform Tiranga Game Login here


App: Tiranga
Invitation Code: 84184552
Minimum WIthdraw: Rs 100
Referral Reward: Base on Commission
Withdraw : BANK/USDT

What Games is available on Tiranga Game App ?


Check out the range of games on Tiranga Game App, an online platform that allows users to win real money in addition to entertainment. Below is a summary of the various enjoyable games available:

Check out the Tiranga Club guessing game, where winnings can be exhilarating and intuition-based. See how much you can score by trying your luck.

Take part in the thrilling fishing game on the Tiranga App to make your passion for fishing profitable and enjoyable. Bring in the victories!

Discover the excitement of Tiranga’s alluring slot machines. For a chance to win actual cash prizes and jackpots, spin the reels.

Tiranga is your ultimate online casino destination, offering a diverse range of classic casino games for an entertaining and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

Your go-to online casino destination is Tiranga, which provides a wide selection of traditional casino games for a fun and possibly lucrative gaming experience.

Play minigames on the Tiranga App for quick and enjoyable gaming sessions. Play while on the go and add some fun with the chance to win actual money.

Immerse yourself in the casino experience with Tiranga’s PVC Casino Games Online. Play Color Prediction, Odd-Even, High-Low, and Lotre games to win real money.

Real Money on Tiranga Games: With the opportunity to win real money, take flight with Tiranga’s Aviator game. Experience a whole new level of thrills and possible profits.

Deposit and Recharge on Tiranga App

  • Click Deposit first, select the client-applicable process and the desired amount, and then click Pay.
  • When you wish to deposit money into your Tiranga account, please choose the UPI payment method you want to use

Tiranga App Withdrawal Process

  • Select the “Withdraw” option, proceed to “Add Bank Card,” and enter the required information before saving.
  • Withdrawing your winnings from Tiranga App is a simple procedure.
  • Provide your bank account details, and receive payments directly into your account on the very day.
  • Benefit from the convenience of withdrawing funds whenever you wish, with a maximum of three withdrawals daily.
  • The minimum withdrawal stands at 100 rupees, while the substantial maximum is 10,000,000.00.
  • You have the option to connect two bank accounts, but for additional accounts, contact the support team.


You have a variety of options at Tiranga Game Casino App for withdrawing your funds. The primary method is by bank transfer, but you also have the choice to use USDT.

Although it’s a great feature, you can’t withdraw your winnings to a USDT account on your own like you can with a bank account. Instead, you must speak with customer service or your mentor to add the USDT account for withdrawal.

Get in touch with customer support or your mentor to add your USDT account for withdrawals. In my instance, Teacher Jily helped me along the way. To make your request, you can get in touch with her over Telegram.

How to add your USDT account is as follows:

Make an account with USDT:

Sign up with a cryptocurrency trading website such as Binance. Download the Binance app, sign up, and verify using your PAN and Aadhar card.
Deposit Address Generation (TRC20):

  • Navigate to Binance’s Wallet section.
  • Click on the Deposit menu item.
  • Select USDT.
  • Selecting the TRON (TRC20) Network is an important first step.
  • Take a picture of what you see and make a copy of the address in your wallet. Check the image below for clarity.
  • You can now link your USDT account to the Tiranga Games casino app.

    Get in touch with your mentor or customer support if you wish to add your USDT account for withdrawals. Instead of waiting for customer service in my instance, I got in touch with my teacher, Jily. I forwarded her the wallet address I copied along with a screenshot. After that, she contacted the technical team and had my USDT account added to the Tiranga Games app so that I could earn money online. It’s an efficient method of finishing tasks!!

Following addition of your wallet address to the USDT section, you can quickly withdraw funds by following these instructions:

Navigate to Withdrawal > Wallets.
On your USDT account, click.

  • Select the amount in either INR or your local currency, and the USDT value will be displayed automatically.
  • After selecting Withdraw, input your password.
  • And that’s it! USDT will soon be credited to your account.
  • With USDT, you can withdraw any amount between a minimum of 907 INR and a maximum of 1 crore INR.

Once you sign up on Tiranga Club, reach out to a teacher for help. They’ll put you in touch with a teacher to learn how to play Tiranga and offer professional predictions to increase your chances of winning.

The Teacher can be reached at Telegram

After registering on Tiranga using the provided link, join Telegram using the Tiranga Game ID to become an agent and earn money by referring others. Register on Tiranga here.

Important Notice: Playing games at casinos and other places where there is risk of winning or losing is always present. Play sensibly. Take breaks, relax, and play for enjoyment while keeping in mind the risks involved because these online casino games have the potential to become addictive.

The color prediction and casino app Tiranga Club doesn’t charge you to take money out. As a result, there are no fees and you receive the entire withdrawal amount in your bank account. Tiranga Games is unique in that it charges no fees for withdrawals, in contrast to other color prediction apps that might charge 3%–5%. The best feature of this earning app is its cash game, which has 0% withdrawal fees!

with this referral program, Tiranga Game allows you to invite friends to play and receive commissions. Using Tiranga’s referral system, I was able to make one lakh rupees in a month. Just copy your link from the Invite section and send it to your friends and family. You can receive commissions from all four levels of Tiranga’s referral system. It’s an effective method of making money that requires no risk or capital. With Tiranga Club’s Refer and Earn, you can daily earn 15000. Money promotion is made simple and easy with Tiranga Games!

Through its referral program, Tiranga App allows you to invite friends to play and receive commissions. In just one month, I was able to earn one lakh rupees through Tiranga’s referral system. To share your link with friends and family, simply copy it from the Invite section. Tiranga’s referral system offers four levels at which you can earn commissions. It’s a safe and efficient way to make money without taking any risks. With Tiranga Club’s Refer and Earn, you can daily earn 15000. Tiranga Game makes money promotion simple and easy!

The Tiranga Games app is available for Android as well. Simply click the download icon located in the upper right corner after registering. This will download the Tiranga Club Apk, and you can start playing games to earn money online. After logging into Tiranga games, just click on the download icon, as indicated in the picture below.

Get the APK for Tiranga Casino Game.

With the Tiranga earning app, there is no limit to how much you can earn. It all comes down to how hard and resourceful you work to play games and recruit friends. I play Baccarat and earn about 6000 INR a day by referring friends to play. My daily average is 3000 INR. This results in a daily income of 9000 INR overall. I also receive additional rewards for entering contests. For example, I received 10 grams of gold in a contest for referring 200 people to Tiranga. You can earn as much as you want as long as you do your best to recommend friends.

Tiranga Games is an legit app which is Legalized from India which is located at GOA

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